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Harjoitus 6. Kuuntele Sallyn ja Andrew’n luokkakokouksessa käymä keskustelu ja merkitse ovatko alla olevat väittämät totta (true) vai tarua (false).

S: Sally
A: Andrew

A: Hi Sally!
S: Hi…
A: It’s me, Andrew!
S: Really!!! I saw you 15 years ago at the graduation. You look so different nowadays! Your hair is short and you have glasses.
A: And you look exactly the same!
S: Well…. My hair is brown now. But thanks!
A: Yes, it was blond 15 years ago. How are you? Are you still living in London?
S: Yes, but I’m going to move to New York soon.
A: Wow! Sounds great! Why to New York?
S: Well, I divorced two years ago, but last year I met an American guy, Matt, who lives in New York. We are engaged now. But how about you? Are you married?
A: Do you remember Alison from high-school? She is actually standing over there now, the tall woman with medium-length, wavy hair.
S: Is she wearing a green skirt?
A: Yes, that’s her. She is my wife now. We got married ten years ago.
S: That’s great! Do you have any children?
A: Yes, we have two boys, John and Simon. They look like me.
S: Imagine that! It was so nice to see you again.
A: It was nice to see you, too!

  1. Andrew ei ole muuttunut yhtään.



  2. Sally on vaaleahiuksinen.



  3. Sally asuu tätä nykyä New Yorkissa.



  4. Sally ei ole tällä hetkellä naimisissa.



  5. Andrew’n vaimolla on yllään sininen hame.



  6. Andrew’n ja Alisonin pojat muistuttavat isäänsä.



Everyday English Starter

Unit 1This is me

Unit 2This is my family

Unit 3These are my things

Unit 4This is my day

Unit 5These are my hobbies

Unit 6This is my home

Unit 7This is my weekend trip – at a restaurant

Everyday English 1

Unit 1You have one new message

Unit 2Nice to hear from you!

Unit 3Welcome to Finland!

Unit 4Dinner is ready!

Unit 5Porvoo is a lovely town!

Unit 6All packed for Stockholm!

Unit 7I’d like the special of the day

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Unit 2Keep it a surprise!

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