Everyday Englishin opiskelijan äänitteet muuttuvat maksullisiksi keväällä 2017.

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Harjoitus 1. Täydennä ravintolakeskustelu vihjeiden mukaan oikeilla sanoilla.

Waiter: Good evening! Do you have a 1. (varaus)?
Catherine: No, we don’t. We would like to have a 2. (pöytä) for two, please. And we would like to sit next to a 3. (ikkuna), if possible.
Waiter: This way, please…. Here are the 4. (ruokalistat). Our 5. (erikoisannos) today is 6. (lohi) with mashed potatoes. Would you like 7. (jotakin) to drink?
Catherine: A glass of white 8. (viini), please.
John: I’d like a pint of 9. (paikallinen) beer and some mineral 10. (vesi), please.
Waiter: Sparkling or 11. (kuplaton)?
John: Sparkling, please.
Waiter: Coming right up.

Waiter: Ok, are you ready to 12. (tilata)?
Catherine: Yes, we are. I’d like the special of the 13. (päivä), please.
John: And I’d like the salmon 14. (keitto), please.
Waiter: Excellent choice.

Waiter: How was everything?
Catherine: 15. (herkullinen), thank you.
Waiter: Would you like some 16. (jälkiruoka)? Our 17. (kakku) is very popular (suosittu).
Catherine: Sounds good, but we need to go. Can we have the 18. (lasku), please? Do you take 19. (luotto) cards?
Waiter: Yes, we do. I’ll be right 20. (takaisin).

    Everyday English Starter

    Unit 1This is me

    Unit 2This is my family

    Unit 3These are my things

    Unit 4This is my day

    Unit 5These are my hobbies

    Unit 6This is my home

    Unit 7This is my weekend trip – at a restaurant

    Everyday English 1

    Unit 1You have one new message

    Unit 2Nice to hear from you!

    Unit 3Welcome to Finland!

    Unit 4Dinner is ready!

    Unit 5Porvoo is a lovely town!

    Unit 6All packed for Stockholm!

    Unit 7I’d like the special of the day

    Unit 8It’s a cottage tradition

    Everyday English 2

    Unit 1Who is this, please?

    Unit 2Keep it a surprise!

    Unit 3Passports, please!

    Unit 4Did you both sleep well?

    Unit 5I just hurt my ankle!

    Unit 6I have a question for you

    Unit 7You’re hired!

    Unit 8You look exactly the same!